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Toffee and Runa

Say hello or “woof!” to our two Staffy dogs: Toffee and Runa.

Toffee is a mixed Staffy breed that we adopted from a shelter in 2018 when she was around two years old. She’d been in the shelter for over a year having been found wondering alongside a motorway in Spain. She is a very affectionate, playful dog that adores people.

Runa is a blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier that we got as a puppy in 2020. She is a little tank and gets far too excited when she meets any other human or dog! Although full of energy most of the time, she prefers to sneak back off to bed rather than go for a morning walk.

Toffee is Runa’s idol and she follows her everywhere. They play together non-stop.

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