Best Dog Food for Staffies with Allergies [6 Recommendations]

Allergies can be frustrating to deal with, and finding the right nutrition to help alleviate symptoms and keep your pup healthy is paramount.

Fortunately, there are a variety of delicious dog foods designed specifically for Staffies with allergies. So, here, we’ll look at the best dog food recommendations for Staffies with allergies and skin and stomach problems.

Best dog foods for Staffies at a glance:

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  • Harringtons Grain Free Salmon Dry Dog Food – Best for allergic Staffies
  • Soft & Shiny Dry Food for Dogs – Best for skin problem
  • Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Food – Best for sensitive stomach

Let’s now move forward to know what allergies Staffies can suffer from due to food and what are the best nutrition options for such Staffies.

Staffy Allergies

Genetics alone does not cause allergies in dogs. Environmental factors, such as exposure to certain allergens, can also play a role.

Your Staffy can become allergic after coming into contact with some of these common allergens.

  • Cleaning Products
  • Pollen
  • Perfumes
  • Certain medications
  • Food

A research confirmed that raw food helps fight the allergy and other problems of your Staffy fellow. A significant number of canines benefited from dietary modification. 

Being a Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner, it’s high time to be aware of these common allergens and avoid them in your dog’s diet. Doing so can help prevent food allergies and ensure that your furry friend stays healthy and happy.

Are Staffies Prone to Food Allergies?

Dogs, similar to humans, experience allergies as well. Allergies due to food is on top of the list. It can cause symptoms such as itchy skin, ear infections, vomiting, diarrhea, swelling, and even breathing difficulties.

A scientific study Staffordshire Bull Terriers are among the breeds that are most commonly affected by food allergies. Beef, dairy products, chicken, and wheat were the most common allergens in dogs with food allergies.

Your Staffy, like many other dog breeds, can be allergic to various foods. The symptoms of food allergies in dogs can vary from mild to severe. 

Rest assured that not all Staffies will develop food allergies, and the severity of the allergy can vary from dog to dog.

Can Dog Food Cause Skin Allergies?

It’s definitely possible for dog food to cause skin allergies. Skin reactions are a common symptom of food allergies. 

When dogs come into contact with an allergen, their immune system can overreact. This leads to skin inflammation and other symptoms. 

Dogs who experience symptoms of food allergies on their skin may experience itching and soreness. Some symptoms include:

  • A skin-licking motion
  • Bald areas and hair loss
  • Skin rashes or hot places
  • Rolling on the ground, and appear to be attempting to scratch the corpse.
  • Restlessness
  • Pacing, as though agitated or uneasy
  • Flowing wounds (rare)
  • Scaly and crusted skin

Best Dog Food for Staffies with Allergies

If your Staffy suffers from food allergies, several dog foods may help alleviate their symptoms. The health and recovery of dogs from ailments depend on the type and quality of food. I always recommend choosing the best option for your fellow Staffy. Let’s check out some of the best available options.

Credit to @reikoko_staffy

1. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach

This food provides gentle nutrition for dogs with sensitive digestion, made from real salmon, turkey, and lamb.

  • Different formulas are available for different ages, sizes, and breeds – even a wet formula for dogs that prefer softer textures.
  • Contains probiotics to promote digestive and immune health, plus sunflower oil and fish oil to support skin, coat, joints, and mobility. 

This premium dog food is designed to help keep your pet healthy while taking care of their special dietary needs. Give your pup the nutrition they deserve with Purina Pro Plan. 

2. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

This high-protein food is formulated to satisfy your pup’s instinctive need for meat, featuring real salmon to boost and sustain lean muscle mass. It contains a few key ingredients, making it great for sensitive stomachs.

  • High-protein food to fulfill your dog’s natural love of meat 
  • Sweet potatoes, peas, Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids for energy and healthy fur/skin 
  • Special mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to keep the immune system strong
  • Created by experts who care about animals’ needs. 
  • Perfect for an active adult dog! 

Best Dog Food for Staffies with Sensitive Stomach

Some dogs have delicate digestive systems. If Your Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of them, it will often experience stomach problems. Never ignore signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and loss of appetite. These symptoms may indicate an underlying critical issue. 

Give your Staffy dog plenty of water according to its need, avoid table scraps, and change the diet to strengthen the sensitive stomach. Well, one thing is for sure. The lesser the grainy food, the healthier your Staffy is. Luckily, this breed does not have a list of specific needs when it comes to its nutritional requirements. 

One thing you must always avoid is changing the diet of your Staffy fellow abruptly. This causes its digestive tract to undergo immense stress and workload. Always be mindful of what your Staffy should never eat.

If your Staffy has a sensitive stomach, they may benefit from dog food that is easy to digest and gentle on their digestive system. Always go for the best option of food for your Staffy.

1. Royal Canin Medium

Royal Canin Medium – the perfect nutritious meal for your pup! This tasty and healthy food contains a specialized immunity program to help your dog stay fighting fit, as well as essential vitamins and minerals to ensure they have enough energy and nourishment. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect:

  • Vitamins E and C, plus antioxidants and minerals for energy levels
  • Controlled phosphorus to protect the kidneys
  • Quality proteins and dietary fibers for digestion
  • Immune system program to support overall wellbeing

Giving your pup a balanced diet will ensure they stay healthy and strong. 

2. Health & Digestion Dry Food

Introducing Health & Digestion Dry Dog Food, the perfect choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This vet-approved food is packed with beneficial ingredients like:

  • Salmon for easier digestion
  • Sweet potato to regulate gut
  • Parsley to keep smells under control
  • Prebiotics to support good digestion
  • NUTRA-BIONIC for coat and skin health, aiding digestion, reducing smelly stools, and supporting urinal tract health. 

With this special food, your pup will be feeling great in no time!

Best Food for Staffy with Skin Problems

Skin problems are common in dogs, but taking the necessary steps to help your Staffy feel better is important. 

If you suspect your Staffy has skin problems provide supplements, keep the environment clean, and change its diet. A high-quality, hypoallergenic dog food always brings the best results.

If your Staffy is suffering from skin problems, such as itching or redness, your pet will benefit from the specifically formulated dog foods to support skin health. Let’s take a look at some of the available options.

1. Blue Buffalo True Solutions Perfect Skin & Coat

If your furry friend has delicate skin, Blue Buffalo dog food can help. It’s made with ingredients chosen by animal nutrition experts and vets to support healthy skin and fur. 

This food has real salmon, whole grains, and other natural ingredients that have the vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids your dog needs. 

It’s free of common allergens like corn, wheat, soy, dairy, and eggs that could upset your pup’s tummy.

2. Soft & Shiny Dry Food for Dogs

Vets recommend “Soft & Shiny” as a premium, grain-free, complete dry food for dogs prone to dry skin or itching or needing little assistance growing their glossy coat. 

The food is jam-packed with healthy ingredients, including collagen, a structural protein crucial to the development of healthy skin, and 47% herring, a tasty novel protein source that is highly digestible and rich in essential fatty acids. 

Credit to @redstaffy_hugo

Along with prebiotics and probiotics to help maintain a balanced gut flora, which can improve nutrient uptake and contribute to a shiny coat and healthy skin. 

Soft & Shiny dog food is a complete meal that contains omega 3 & 6 to keep the skin of your dog hydrated and healthy. This helps to prevent any discomfort from itching and scratching. So, you can keep your furry friend feeling great and looking shiny with this special dog food.

What Should I Feed My Staffy Dog?

It’s important to select a high-quality dog food that meets your Staffy’s nutritional needs, free of potential allergens and irritants. Consider their age, size, and activity level when choosing their food. 

Ensure your beloved pup is happy and healthy by providing them with nutritious meals, fresh water, and regular exercise. Loving care and regular vet visits are key to supporting your Staffy’s well-being. It’ll help you get the most out of their lives and yours! 

Remember: a well-fed pup is a happy one!  

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Light Up Dog Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs, Rechargeable Flashing LED Dog Collar Light Adjustable Waterproof Lighted Dog Collar for Night Safety, Green-M
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