Best Shampoo for Staffy 

As a Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner – you know how much they love to play and get dirty. That’s why bathing your Staffy buddy regularly is important for their hygiene and well being. But bathing is not just about washing away the dirt and odours; it’s also about taking care of your furry friend’s skin and coat.

Staffies are prone to skin problems that can cause them discomfort & distress. Some of the common skin conditions that Staffies can face are allergies, infections & parasites. So choosing the best shampoos for the Staffies is crucial.

Here are the best shampoos for staffies at a glance:

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1. Shampoos for Staffies without any skin problems

  • Groom Professional Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
  • Pet Head Dog Shampoo
  • 6 in 1 All Natural Dog Shampoo

2. Shampoos for Staffies with skin problems

  • TropiClean Medicated Shampoo 
  • Buddycare Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
  • DOUXO S3 PYO Shampoo

Let’s delve into the specifics of skin conditions commonly experienced by staffy dogs, along with the top recommended shampoos and remedies for rashes.

What Can I Wash My Staffy With?

You love your Staffordshire Bull Terrier and naturally want him to be clean & fresh at all times. Regular-baths are essential to maintain his hygiene. 

But remember – Staffy dogs have incredibly sensitive skin, which makes it crucial to choose the right shampoo products for their bathing routine. You may think of using human shampoo, but unfortunately, it is not suitable for several reasons. 

  • Firstly – a dog’s skin differs significantly from a human’s & requires a specifically formulated shampoo.
  • Secondly – their skin has a pH-value ranging from 6.2 to 7.4, which is less acidic than humans. Using human shampoo can disrupt the natural acidic mantle of their skin, leaving them more susceptible to parasites, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Lastly – outer layer of dogs is 3-5 cell thick while in humans it’s 10-15 cell thick.

To cater to the unique needs of your canine friend’s skin – specialized shampoos are available. These shampoos are carefully crafted to address specific concerns such as: 

  • The presence of insects in their fur
  • Coat sensitivity
  • The acidity of their skin

What Shampoo to Use on a Staffy?

Using the appropriate shampoo for your fluffy friend is essential, not only for cleanliness but also for their overall health & well being. Your canine buddy like many other dogs, is susceptible to a range of skin issues. 

Whether your Staffy faces allergies, dermatitis, sensitivities or other skin related issues, there are shampoos available that address these specific problems. 

Next – let’s discuss the common skin issues that your pooch may encounter.

Staffy Skin Conditions

Staffy dogs are known to be prone to various skin conditions and understanding their unique skin structure helps explain why.

Staffies have single layered skin – unlike other breeds with double coated or thicker skin. This single layered skin makes them more susceptible to irritations, allergies & other skin conditions like:

  • Hot-spots
  • Itching
  • Impetigo
  • Dryness
  • Atopic-dermatitis
  • Bald Spots

Additionally – factors like improper grooming, food-sensitivities, underlying health conditions, or environmental allergens such as fleas, ticks or harsh chemicals can exacerbate these problems. 

However – using a hypoallergenic-shampoo formulated for your fur buddy can help minimize the risk of triggering allergic reactions. These specialized shampoos can: 

  • Soothe irritations
  • Promote a healthy coat
  • Keep their natural oils intact
  • Maintain the skin’s natural balance

Staffy Dry Skin Problems 

Staffy dogs are also prone to dry-skin problems – which can stem from various factors. Environmental elements can cause their skin to become dry and flaky like: 

  • Cold weather
  • Low-humidity
  • Excessive-heat 

Additionally – frequent bathing with harsh shampoos or overwashing can strip away the natural oils that keep your pet’s skin moisturized. Dry skin can lead to itching, irritation, constant scratching, and discomfort for your Staffies – making them more susceptible to secondary issues like bacterial or fungal-infections. 

It is crucial to address dry skin problems promptly to prevent further complications and discomfort for your furry buddy. Key steps to alleviate dry skin issues are:

  1. Using gentle & moisturizing shampoos
  2. Providing a balanced diet
  3. Ensuring adequate hydration

Best Shampoo for Staffy

If your sturdy dog is free from skin conditions and you aim to eliminate mud & dirt from their fur – these shampoos are highly effective.

1. Groom Professional

If you have a staffy puppy or a young dog – then the Groom Professional Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is an excellent choice for grooming your buddy due to its exceptional cleansing-formula.


  • Tailored for dogs with sensitive skin – it features a mild and gentle formula.
  • Experience the delightful aroma of a clean & fresh coat, as the shampoo leaves behind a gentle baby powder fragrance.
  • Its gentle formula moisturizes and nourishes your pet’s fur, leaving it irresistibly soft, shiny & effortlessly manageable.
  • Enriched with Aloe-Vera – it not only soothes & heals, but also acts as a natural-conditioner for your canine’s fur.


  • It has a thicker consistency which may require dilution or extra effort to lather.
  • It’s slightly more expensive.

Bottom Line

This Shampoo is a fantastic option for pet parents – especially those with puppies or young dogs. Its puppy formulated nature, oatmeal infusion, gentle & nourishing properties make it a top contender in the market. The overall effectiveness of using this shampoo outweighs the minor drawbacks.

2. Pet Head Dog Shampoo

One of the main features of this product is its impressive deodorizing capacity. If your canine smells stinky as it loves rolling in the smelly-stuff – then this shampoo is the perfect solution for you. 


  • This shampoo’s potent yet gentle formula with an orange smell effectively eliminates odours instead of merely masking them.
  • Enriched with vegetable-proteins – it enhances body, elasticity & gives the coat a luxurious fullness.
  • The combination of baking soda & ordenone deodorizes and revitalizes the coat.
  • With pH balanced formulation – these are safe for dogs, free from petroleum derivatives and DEA, ensuring no harm if licked or swallowed by your furry friend.
  • Manufactured in the USA and have low prices.


  • The consistency of the shampoo is a bit runny.
  • It has short scent life.

Bottom Line

Customers have praised the affordable price of this Shampoo and it has received some of the best reviews among all the products in the article. It’s a reliable choice that offers value for money. 

3. 6 in 1 All Natural Dog Shampoo

Our last product the 6 in 1 All Natural Dog Shampoo with its natural ingredients ensures a clean and healthy pup with no stinky smell.


  • This shampoo boasts a blend of all-natural ingredients – including lemongrass, which helps eliminate odours & promote a fresh clean scent.
  • It offers multiple benefits in one bottle. It acts as a cleanser, deodorizer, moisturizer, conditioner, detangler, and anti fungal solution.
  • This shampoo includes coconut oil & moisturizing agents that help nourish and hydrate their skin, leaving it soft and healthy.
  • The formula rinses off easily saving your time and effort during bath time.


  • The bottle size is too small for the price requiring more frequent-purchases.

Bottom Line

Despite some concerns about the bottle size overall – it is a top notch choice for your staffy buddy. Its all natural ingredients, versatile 6 in 1 formula, moisturizing properties & ease of use make it an excellent grooming solution.

Sensitive Shampoo for Staffy with Skin Problems

If your staffy is experiencing skin conditions like hot-spots, bald spots, atopic-dermatitis etc, consider these recommended products to effectively manage the situation. 

1. TropiClean Medicated Shampoo 

This exceptional product is specifically designed to address common skin issues such as itchy skin, flaking, hot-spots, seborrhea, and inflammation. With its powerful formula it offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for pets with sensitive skin.


  • Have salicylic acid that exfoliates the skin, reduces flaking, and promotes a healthier coat.
  • Tea-tree oil in it soothes irritated skin and prevents infections & inflammation.
  • Contain colloidal-oatmeal – it’s gentle and moisturizing & calms sensitive skin, and relieves itching.
  • Vitamin E nourishes and heals the skin, enhancing overall skin health.


  • The scent might be too strong for some Staffies.,
  • Some customers found the consistency slightly thinner than expected.

Bottom Line

It is a reliable solution for staffy dealing with skin issues. Customers noticed a significant reduction in their dog’s itching after just a few uses & praised its ability to soothe hot-spots and restore their Staffy’s coat to its former glory.

2. Buddycare Oatmeal Dog Shampoo 

Oatmeal is the main ingredient of this shampoo which has anti inflammatory properties and helps with drying & flaking skin. It can help to keep your furry friend free from potential skin issues.:


  • Formulated with oatmeal, a soothing and moisturizing ingredient that helps relieve itchiness and dry skin.
  • Gentle and hypoallergenic – making it suitable for staffy dogs with sensitive skin. 
  • The inclusion of aloe vera and pro-vitamin B5 strengthens, nourishes, and cares for the dog’s coat.
  • Have a balanced-pH to maintain the natural oils and moisture of your pet’s skin & coat.
  • Free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes ensuring a safe and gentle bathing experience.
  • Fresh scent oatmeal ensures your Staffy smells pleasant between baths.


  • Some customers find the consistency of the shampoo too thick
  • Packaging problems, specifically regarding product leakage during shipping.

Bottom Line

Oatmeal based formula, gentle nature, and moisturizing properties of this product make it perfect for dogs with potential skin issues. Despite some concerns about consistency, the overwhelmingly positive reviews & benefits make it a worthy investment.

3. DOUXO S3 PYO Shampoo 

When it comes to addressing bacterial and yeast infected skin issues in your staffy dog, this Shampoo is the best vet recommended choice that covers all the necessary bases. 


  • With 3% chlorhexidine digluconate – it clinically disinfects while providing hydration and support to the skin’s ecosystem.
  • Featuring ophytrium – a natural ingredient known for its high tolerance & triple action on skin barriers.
  • A scientifically proven formula that demonstrates its effectiveness. For extended exposure to Ophytrium and Chlorhexidine, pair with DOUXO S3 PYO Mousse.
  • Free from controversial ingredients this shampoo offers a hypoallergenic coco vanilla fragrance and pH adjustment for optimal compatibility.


  • A bit more pricey.

Bottom Line

Although it has a higher-price point – its anti bacterial & anti yeast properties, effectiveness in addressing skin problems, and providing hydration have received positive feedback from many pet parents, making it one of the best on the list.

Staffy Skin Rash Remedies

Rashes on dogs are scaly, bumpy, or patchy skin conditions that are often red and may be itchy. Some remedies for rashes on Staffies include:

  • Brushing or cutting away hair can help remove dirt, debris, and allergens that may irritate the skin. It can also improve air circulation and prevent matting.
  • Oatmeal baths are beneficial due to their soothing and anti inflammatory properties. You can buy oatmeal shampoo or add powdered oatmeal in warm water. 
  • Consider transitioning to a skin focused dog food formula to support your Staffy’s skin health. 
  • Oral or topical medications to reduce itching and inflammation include corticosteroids, antihistamines, or cyclosporine.
  • Use CBD oil, it can reduce inflamation and pain.
  • Some natural substances that may help heal rashes on dogs include coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, chamomile, aloe vera, or calendula.

If your dog’s rash gets worse take your dog to the vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. 

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KONG - Jumbler Ball - Interactive Fetch Dog Toy with Tennis Ball (Assorted Colours) - For Medium/Large Dogs
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See your dog at night
Light Up Dog Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs, Rechargeable Flashing LED Dog Collar Light Adjustable Waterproof Lighted Dog Collar for Night Safety, Green-M
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Healthy toy for big chewers
Nylabone Extreme Tough Dog Chew Toy Monster Beef Thigh, Cleans Teeth, Beef Flavour, XXL, for Dogs Over 23 kg,package may vary
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