Is My Staffy Overweight? [VISUAL GUIDE]

Just like humans, Staffies can easily become overweight.

And extra weight on dogs is very detrimental to their health much in the same way as it is to us.

Indeed, obesity can lead to joint issues, breathing problems, kidney/liver issues, heart problems, diabetes etc. and, in worse cases, death.

Recently, we noticed Runa seemed to be getting bigger and slower as she transitions from puberty to adulthood. This surprised us as she is walked every day, plays a lot and only eats good dog food. The trouble was, we were giving her portions that were to big for her.

Is My Staffy Fat?

Dogs should have a neat visible tuck (the belly behind the ribs should tuck up) and the last rib should be felt but not seen.

Some sporting dogs who are super conditioned do show more ribs and look thin but they are actually extremely fit – there is a huge difference between a super fit lean dog who has a correct weight and a dog that is drastically underweight.

It is especially important to keep an eye on animals that have been castrated (AKA “desexed”).

Castrated dogs of both sex can gain weight rapidly as they don’t have the hormones within their body which aids quicker metabolism. Indeed, desexed dogs should be weight checked on a regular basis to ensure their weight is remaining at an acceptable point and not going over or under where it should be.

Staffy Diet Plan

If you find your dog has gained too much weight, the easiest way for them to lose weight is reduced feeds (weigh out the food correctly for what their ideal weight should be) and increase the exercise.

Judging how much to feed your dog based on an “eyeball” test isn’t recommended – especially if your dog is showing signs of being overweight. Therefore it’s a much better idea to weigh out food properly.

If you have a dog who cannot exercise more, due to injury or illness, there are light diets available which have reduce calorific content and will aid weight loss as well.

Please watch your dogs weight and where needed take steps to reduce it.

Is My Staffy Underweight or Underweight?

A must-read whether you're thinking about getting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier for the first time or even if you're well experienced with them. An incredible resource.


Pete Reynolds

Pete is the founder of Staffy Dog and the proud owner of two Staffies: Toffee (Amstaff mix) and Runa (Staffordshire Bull Terrier). When he's not playing with his dogs, Pete is a keen writer, an avid sports fan and an advocate for urban cycling.

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