Can Staffies Live with Cats?

Most people see Staffies and Cats as the worst of enemies, but in reality, if owners take their time and introduce them slowly and carefully, they can end up great friends or at the very least accepting each other.

Staffies are terriers, and during the mid-1800s, they were bred as fighting dogs; however, because of careful breeding, they are very friendly towards humans. A Staffy would usually reserve any signs of aggression towards other dogs.

Do Staffies Like Cats?

If you have an adult Staffy and want to introduce an adult cat to your home, you might have real problems. The question is not only about cats. Staffies by nature are territorial, so introducing another dog to an adult Staffy might prove difficult, let alone a cat.

Do Staffordshire Terriers Get Along with Cats?

In our opinion, there are no fundamental reasons why a Staffy cannot get along with cats. It’s more a question of how you introduce them. It’s undoubtedly easier to introduce a Staffy to one or more cats if the dog is at a young age. 

 Introductions need careful planning and patience. You shouldn’t put them together hoping for the best; that’s much too stressful for both the Staffy and the cat. 

Some Staffies might see a cat as prey and chase after it if the cat runs. However, well-trained Staffy should heed your commands and sit or stay when commanded, which will help with the introduction.

Do Staffies Hate Cats?

Suggesting a Staffy hates cats is putting it too firmly. First of all, it’s not about hate; we’re transferring human emotions onto an animal that has no concept of what hate means. Second, should  Staffies chase cats or behave as though they dislike certain people, it’s instincts or built-in emotions like fear and aggression, not hate.

How Do You Introduce a Staffy to a Cat?

You will need to find an area in your home the cat will feel safe and your Staffy cannot get into. If you’re introducing a Staffy to a cat, pick a place where you know your cat wil be safe and will feel relaxed. Along with the cat, you’ll need to move everything the cat needs to the same area.

Stair gates are beneficial during this time because it allows the animals to see each other without contact; it will also give you some idea of the reaction between the two.

When you begin to initiate physical contact, you must have high places in your rooms where the cat can escape,  out of the dog’s reach, when the cat has had enough. During the early integration, your cat needs an escape route.

How Do I Stop a Staffy from Chasing My Cats?

If your Staffy looks ready to begin the chase, you need to distract him immediately. Clap your hands or have something like a metal tray close to your hand that you can bang on to get your Staffy’s attention. It’s crucial to nip this behavior in the bud as quickly as possible; don’t allow it to become the norm.

If you miss the signs and the chase is on, you need to show your displeasure with your tone of voice, letting your Staffy know in no uncertain terms you’re angry.

A recall command that your Staffy responds to is vital in these situations, which is why we mentioned training earlier in the article.

Conclusion: Can Staffies Live with Cats? 

Yes, Staffies can live with a cat or cats the same as any other dog. But introductions need to be supervised and planned carefully. Keep them separate for a time and then introduce them gradually. A stair gate is advisable, so they can physically see and smell each other.

Ensure you have an escape route for your cat when you eventually put them together. 

It will typically take a little time, and it will be on their terms and not yours.

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