Can Staffies Sleep Outside? [Where Staffies Should Sleep]

Can Staffies sleep outside? No, owners shouldn’t make them sleep outside the home. There are fundamental reasons for my answer, and I will explain why in this article.

Staffies are robust and muscular dogs with broad chests and powerful legs. These dogs were initially bred to fight other dogs, but this was in another life, and today Staffordshire Bull Terriers are fantastic family dogs and simply brilliant around children.

Are Staffies Indoor Or Outdoor Dogs?

Most dogs can live outdoors if they’re warm and given plenty of food and water. However, in reality, this isn’t answering the question because while a Staffy might survive living outdoors, what’s the point in owning one, and what will living outdoors do to a Staffy’s emotional state. 

As I mentioned, Staffies are family-oriented dogs and are happiest when they’re living with a family that loves them and provides and cares for them. In my opinion, getting a Staffy and then forcing the dog to live outside does none of those things.

Even if you ignore the emotional side of the indoor or outdoor argument, you cannot allow a Staffy to live outside from a health standpoint. Staffies are not physically able to withstand cold or hot environments for any extended period. 

This isn’t to say a Staffy isn’t going to enjoy playing in the snow; I know many dogs that love jumping around in the snow; besides, it can help the dog’s muscle development.

Can Staffies Be Left Outside?

This question will depend on what you mean by left outside? If you live in a home with a large secure backyard, there’s nothing wrong with your Staffy being out on a pleasantly warm day, providing they can come and go into the house when they please.

Remember, Staffies are terriers, so they enjoy digging, which is why I say the backyard needs to be secure.

If you go out for a couple of hours and want the dog to be outside, that might be okay if the dog is happy with the arrangement. However, for myself, I would never leave my dog outside if I leave the house for any length of time. I prefer to know my dog is safe and secure in the house when I’m not there.

Can Staffies Sleep Outside?

I don’t think any Staffy should sleep outside, especially overnight. Temperatures are unpredictable at the best of times, and you never know when it’s going to rain. What will the cold and wet do for a Staffy’s health? 

Staffies cannot cope with these conditions. What about the dog’s feelings? Staffies are so attached to their family, just for one second, imagine how miserable they’ll feel outside on their own separate from their family?

If you’re thinking about getting a Staffy and plan on leaving them outside all day and night, please don’t get one; this dog breed isn’t for you.

One other reason for not leaving a Staffy to sleep outside is the risk of theft. This isn’t the prime reason for keeping them indoors, but Staffies are not cheap and are a sought-after dog breed. Any Staffy left outside could end up being stolen.

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Where Should My Staffy Sleep?

Your Staffy needs to be sleeping indoors with the rest of the family. Where your Staffy sleeps in the house is up to you and your Staffy. Some owners prefer the dog to be downstairs or in another room; others allow their Staffy to sleep in the bedroom, even in the same bed.

 I’m happy for my dog to sleep in the bedroom with us, but I draw the line at sleeping in the same bed; I would get far too hot in the night, curled up with a Staffy.

Brad Davenport

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