What Food Can Staffies Not Eat?

If you’re the proud and passionate owner of the fantastic Staffordshire Bull Terrier, then you know all about their voracious appetite.  This is why we’ve titled this article what food can Staffies not eat; it will be a much shorter list talking about what food they can’t eat than what they attempt to eat.

What Food Is Dangerous For a Staffy?

Numerous foods can be dangerous and unhealthy for your Staffy. In this section, we’re going to cover what we consider harmful or poisonous, which means there’s a risk of severe consequences for the dog if he’s fed or accidentally ingests any of the following foods.

  • Yeast dough: can continue to expand in the dog’s gut, producing excess gas, possibly causing the stomach or intestines to rupture.
  • Xylitol: The animal poison control center warns dog owners not to allow dogs to eat anything containing this artificial sweetener. The sweetener causes a drop in blood sugar levels which can lead to seizures.
  • Turkey skin: turkey is an excellent lean meat for dogs but not the skin; it’s known to cause pancreatitis.
  • Salt: Will cause electrolyte imbalances if a dog ingests too much.
  • Raisins & Grapes: both of these are highly dangerous to dogs with potentially fatal results.
  • Nutmeg: owners should keep their dogs away from this ingredient; it can cause tremors, seizures, and potentially lethal.
  • Macadamia Nuts: Why these nuts are toxic is unknown but can cause seizures, tremors, and paralysis.
  • Human Vitamin Supplements with Iron: capable of causing damage to the stomach lining and toxic to both the kidneys and liver.
  • Hops: causes malignant hyperthermia; however, the toxic component is unknown at present, the effect occurs with spent or fresh hops.
  • Chocolate: the compound in chocolate that causes the issue is theobromine. In dogs it affects the central nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The effects can progress heart palpitations, seizures and death.
  • Cooked Bones: are hazardous; they can splinter when chewed by a dog; any fragment of bone that lodges in the intestines can cause internal bleeding.

What Food Is Unhealthy For Staffies?

Staffies are notorious for eating anything that happens to come their way, and many times they’ll manage to grab some food their owners didn’t intend for them. 

Food is food to a Staffy; as long as it fills his belly, he’s satisfied; of course, you can’t expect him to differentiate good and harmful food by himself; no, that’s our responsibility. So what food is unhealthy for Staffies? 

  • Alcohol: Staffies shouldn’t drink alcohol, neither should any dog, for that matter. Sometimes dog owners think it’s great fun to let their dog have a few slurps of their beer, but you’re harming your dog if you do this. The very least alcohol will do is cause vomiting and diarrhea. But it can be more severe than that; for example, alcohol has been the cause of breathing difficulties, coma, and sometimes, sadly, death.
  • Avocado: This fruit is more of an issue for small animals, sheep, goats, and horses. Persin is the culprit for this, and all parts of the fruit, including the leaves, contain the compound. The flesh of the avocado has the least amount; while dogs do frequently eat avocado with no detrimental effects, the ASPC recommends against feeding to dogs.
  • Coconut and coconut water: There isn’t much to worry about in small amounts, but oils in coconut flesh can cause stomach upsets. Staffy owners shouldn’t offer coconut water to dogs because of the potassium it contains.
  • Milk & dairy: Once puppies are weaned, they have no further need for milk. Dairy milk contains lactose, and dogs do not have enough of the enzyme lactase, and it’s necessary to break down the lactose. The result is a Staffy with an upset stomach.
  • Onions: often cause gastrointestinal irritation in dogs, and if the Staffy consumes a large portion or regularly eats onions, it can lead to anemia.

Can Staffies Eat Raw Meat?

There are advantages and disadvantages to a raw food diet that is primarily raw meat. Is it safe for Staffies to eat raw meat? If we look at the potential benefits of a raw meat diet for Staffies, they include:

  • Smaller stools
  • Possibly higher energy levels (which may or may not be a potential advantage)
  • Healthier skin
  • Shinier coats

However, there are health risks associated with raw meat, which include:

  • The bacteria in raw meat poses a health risk to both dogs and humans
  • Owners need to take care to ensure the Staffy receives a fully balanced diet. Raw meat only offers proteins and some fat.
  • Feeding raw bones as part of a raw meat diet could cause your Staffy to break teeth, and any bone fragments can puncture the Staffie’s stomach or intestines.

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